Aiza is a name of Basque Spanish origin and means cliff or rock. Aiza is a spelling variation on Arista, or in Basque, Aritza. The etymological meaning of Aiza.

Many a time We have seen you turn your face towards heaven. We will make you turn towards a 'qiblah' that will please you. (Surah al-Baqarah, ).

Islamic eschatology is the branch of Islamic theology concerning the end of the world, and the Many verses in the Quran mention the Last Judgment. Islamic apocalyptic literature describing Armageddon is often known as fitna, .. Shia believes that before the Day of Judgement, Muhammad al-Mahdi will return with a.

The Quran is designed (1) to explain the salat, (2) and prevent or rectify any attempts to . We will therefore direct you towards a Qiblah you will be pleased with.

MUSFIRAH – SAFR which we said in verse 15 mean to unveil or to is type of happiness that cannot be touched with any other happiness.

The Qibla is the direction that should be faced when a Muslim prays during ?ala? (Arabic: . The Jewish custom of facing Jerusalem for prayer may have influenced the Muslim Qiblah. Others surmise that the use of Jerusalem as the direction.

islam, allah, muhammad, jesus, christianity, christ, quran, qur'an, koran, bible, The original name for GOD Almighty in the Aramaic and Hebrew Bible was.

al ?imran is the third chapter of the Quran with two hundred verses (ayat). The chapter takes its Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Find sources: "Al Imran" – news · newspapers · books · scholar · JSTOR (September . He explained that the meaning of this is that in the past, when people transgressed.

In Islam, ?Isa ibn Maryam or Jesus, is understood to be the penultimate prophet and He is thus the most mentioned person in the Quran by reference; 25 times by the name Isa, third-person 48 times, first-person 35 times, and the rest as titles .

A list of contradictions and errors in the Qur'an. Muhammad [, ], Moses [ ], some Egyptians [], or Abraham [, ] or When the Qur' an speaks about the announciation of the birth of Jesus to the virgin Mary, Sura.