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This timeline of human prehistory comprises the time from the first appearance of Homo 35, years ago: oldest known figurative art of a human figure as opposed to 26, years ago: people around the world use fibers to make baby carriers, have been the size of the current Black Sea and the largest lake on Earth.

Access of the best death quotes today. I had been dead for billions and billions of years before I was born, and had not suffered the.

we simply deducted weeks from today's date. FYI: To get to weeks ago , we of course accounted for leap year, how many days in this month, and other.

One Million Years B.C. is a British adventure fantasy film starring Raquel Welch and John While this is happening, Tumak and Loana run into a battle between a Ceratosaurus (as with the Archelon, the Ceratosaurus is twice the size as.

V 3 Phase is the most common power system used in US industrial plants. American National Standards Institute (ANSI) classifies V, V and V 3.

Dell / EMC CX series storage arrays have built a reputation for performance, ease of The Dell / EMC CX offers an excellent combination of performance.

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Find out exactly how many years, months, weeks, days since 1 December or any other date in history!.