Can you name the One Word Capital Cities with the Longest Names? Test your knowledge on this Number of Letters, Capital City, Country. 12, Madagascar.

The name Lukas is the German spelling of a Latin derivation (Lucas) of the Greek word “Loukas”, meaning “man from Lucania”, an ancient district of southern.

Isla is the sort of name that will be pronounced incorrectly by some who enough for the correct pronunciation to be imprinted in their brain.

Nikita is a name common in both Russia and India. The Russian variant originated as a The name is derived from the Greek Nicetas (???????, meaning "victor"). by Elton John's song Nikita (whose music video portrayed a female Russian border guard, presumably the Nikita of the song), and the French film Nikita.

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a female antelope, or gazelle, a pious Christian widow at Joppa whom Peter restored to life (Acts ). She was a Hellenistic Jewess, called Tabitha by the Jews and Dorcas by the Greeks. dor'-kas (Dorkas, the Greek equivalent of Aramaic tabitha, "a gazelle").

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Dr Peter Hodder has taken over the editorship of the NZIC publication CHEM . Year 10 students was held in late No- .. Jonathan Puddick, Hannah Lerke, Carlton, W. K.; Gump, B.; Fugelsang, K.; Hasson, A. S. J. Agric.

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Meaning of the name Yael: Hebrew name meaning. Yael invited him into her tent and killed him with a tent peg as he lay What are her siblings named?.