State v. Willburn

It shall be subject to alienation and other uses as may be provided by law.

Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Policy

That, except as herein provided, all bills passed by the legislature shall, in order to be valid, be signed by the governor. He shall record and preserve all the laws and proceedings of the legislature and all acts and proceedings of the governor, and promulgate proclamations of the governor.

That the following officers shall receive the following annual salaries, to be paid by the United States: Construction of existing statutes.

Second senatorial district: This Act is hereby declared to be an urgency measure deemed necessary in the public interest within the meaning of section 11 of Article III of the Constitution of the State of Hawaii. The legislature of the Territory of Hawaii shall have the right to alter or amend any part of the election laws of said Territory, including those providing for an election of Delegate to Congress, and its action shall be the law, with full binding force, until altered, amended, or repealed by Congress.

United States. If such parcel of public lands is reserved for public purposes, either for the use of the United States or the Territory of Hawaii, the commissioner may with the approval of the governor grant to such person a preference right to purchase public lands which are of similar character, value, and area, and which are situated in the same land district. The State of Hawaii shall consist of all the islands, together with their appurtenant reefs and territorial waters, included in the Territory of Hawaii on the date of enactment of this Act, except the atoll known as Palmyra Island , together with its appurtenant reefs and territorial waters, but said State shall not be deemed to include the Midway Islands , Johnston Island , Sand Island off-shore from Johnston Island , or Kingman Reef , together with their appurtenant reefs and territorial waters.

Hawaiian Organic Act,

K8 June 6, Port Regulations. Hamilton Library LH: In case the capital shall be unsafe, the Governor may direct that any session shall be held at some other place in the Territory of Hawaii.

That the Territory of Hawaii shall comprise a customs district of the United States, with ports of entry and delivery at Honolulu, Hilo, Mahukona and Kahului. That no person shall be employed as a mechanic or laborer upon any public work carried on in the Territory of Hawaii by the Government of the United States, whether the work is done by contract or otherwise, unless such person is a citizen of the United States or eligible to become such a citizen.

Compensation of members. Powered by eHawaii. Reading of bills.

Water Quality Standards Regulations: Hawaii

Peters, Pros. There shall be a post-auditor who shall be appointed by the Governor by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, who shall serve for a term of eight years and until a successor shall have been duly appointed. Be able to speak, read and write the English or Hawaiian language.

These powers, along with the alleged ability to bypass county zoning and permitting rules more on that later , has wary citizens concerned that the new agency could allow Disneyland-level development on public property. That a Delegate to the House of Representatives of the United States, to serve during each Congress, shall be elected by the voters qualified to vote for members of the house of representatives of the legislature.

Public Land Development Corp: Good Idea, Bad Legislation

Weekly Newsletter. That portion of the island of Hawaii known as Puna;. Apportionment of senators. That upon the receipt of a veto message from the governor each house of the legislature shall enter the same at large upon its journal and proceed to reconsider such bill, or part of a bill, and again vote upon it by ayes and noes, which shall be entered upon its journal.

Strike out the words "and the detailed record" in sections fifty-two and one hundred and twelve. Exemptions of electors on election day.