The World From Berlin: 'Germany's School System Is an Anachronism'

Read more. As in much of the western world, schools in more affluent neighbourhoods tend to be better staffed and better equipped than those in less wealthy areas. Last Name. In a Gemeinschaftsschule , your child can obtain a Hauptschulabschluss after the 9th or 10th grade , a Realschulabschluss after the 10th grade or the Allgemeine Hochschulsreife or Abitur after finishing the 13th grade.

Germany's school system

If you did not receive such a letter, just contact the nearest elementary school. They certainly don't need more research -- there has already been enough of that in Germany. These options are as follows:.

Gymnasium , similar to high school or grammar school in English, takes students all the way from grade 5 through to grade The easy way to send money around Fast and secure in just 30 minutes. In addition to finding out whether the school has a place for your child, you should also ask about extracurricular options. In these schools, the children are supported and supervised closely in their education.

This type of school was introduced later than the others.

Germany Education System

On completion students either become apprentices, or enroll at vocational school through to age Once you have become one with the bureaucracy , signed four million pieces of paper, figured out the health insurance system , opened a bank account and navigated grocery shopping in a packed Aldi the day before a public holiday, yet another brain-combusting hurdle might rear its head.

While considered elite and academically more successful and thus superior options in other countries, private schools in Germany are not seen as such here.

German Language School Berlin What to expect An exchange program can be a jarring experience—culture shock and homesickness are likely to hit you at some point—but it is one you will never forget.

Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your e-mail address will not be published. Children from low income backgrounds, children of immigrants and disabled children are especially at a disadvantage, he said. News bulletin. One sign of a good school is that it not only provides high-quality instruction, but also offers extracurricular activities such as theatre, sports, language and music clubs, and school trips. Statistic of the Month: The UN has given Germany a report card on its school system -- and the verdict is that it needs improvement.

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It is a relic from the time when societies divided people into the three estates. Follow dwnews on Twitter Students usually spend six years at the Gesamtschule and either obtain a Hauptschule or a Realschule leaving certificate. You may unsubscribe at any time using the link shown at the bottom of each of our emails.

Therefore it is surprising that kindergartens are not part of the public education system; in fact preschools and day-care centres are mostly run by churches and non-profit organisations, although the government does supply some funding. Live Work Germany uses cookies to improve your experience. If you are academically better than the rest of your class you move over to a higher education school system, i. In due time, you will be informed by a letter about the address of the designated school and the registration process.

If your children are not yet fluent in German, make sure that the school offers German classes, usually referred to as "German as a foreign language. Many consider the system far from perfect and have introduced programs and legislation to do away with the system that many view as being grossly unequal and one that creates a class-based society, and have started schools which are open to all students.