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I'd been drinking - stupid young people doing stupid shit. I am skipping you ahead because this is one of my favorite categories, and I already know some stories for it, so I hope you enjoy. The other pairing I can remember is Chanbaek. He pulls off his t-shirt, and is in the middle of unbuttoning his jeans when Kyungsoo returns to the living room and shrieks, throwing a towel at his face.

how to disappear completely

Crazy shit - they found his car smashed down the side of a mountain. You're crazy. Kyungsoo hums, leaning against the window, staring at the cars and buildings flying past, Seoul painted in monochromatic shades. Lungs Filled With Sweetness by Ally Metal skids and claws against concrete.

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A month later. What if I went out right now and crashed another car then re-appeared a few weeks later your time? Kyungsoo, Yixing, and Kris stand in a far corner to barbecue the meat. The loop always starts with a car crash. He can't see the blood from this distance. What totally explains the reason why companies make fake dates involving a man and a woman, it can be in US or in South Korea.

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You're gonna be an old man before all your friends. He pauses while holding up a big piece of rice cake, waiting for it to cool down. Lu Han looks Fighting fire with fire is the expression used but soon Kyungsoo is soon the one being faced with life or death.

Size Queen. Everyone really freaked out. Admin M's notes: Hands folded tightly in his lap.

Frank Ocean Greyson Chance Daughter kaisoo exo. Just small things, like where I went last weekend or what I had for lunch.

Description Kyungsoo thought he wanted excitement, thought he wanted something more than a story of generic love and tales of strolling through busy parks. They drive all the way to Galma mountain after that, Kai pressing down on the gas, soaring carelessly forward up the bends and curves of the mountain track.

You are my favorite EXO blog by the way: He's been popping up a lot more often since you've been around. If they cannot out gay couples, why would they bother trying to catch one?

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I really hope Jessica isn't in, or we'd have to kick Baekhyun off the team because he'd be too busy staring at her to operate a car. In addition to lamely but profoundly succeeding in soaking and staining Kim Jongin's bleached shirt, a terrible, unexpected weight accompanied the incident, something that I could never shake. You should check them out.