Steve Wanless. The most likely case though, is Modernizr adds a class name of "no-svg" to the html element if it doesn't support SVG, so we use that:. Skip to content. Permalink to comment June 4, This means the tbody element is always there in a table whether you have its start and end tags in the code or not.

What a fantastic post and discussion. Well, yeah, it does. Related Stuff David Bushell: It was my first attempt as I want all my vectors to be. Although responsivity should be applied to every part of a layout, the navigation menu is one area that deserves extra attention. Permalink to comment November 22, Until a few months ago, that was the best solution in the market. Thank you again for your great article. In most cases we view source as frontend developers, we try to see what may be responsible for the presence of an object in the DOM.

What is the DOM?

I always define height and width with CSS and omit them from the. I didn't want to and am not qualified to write that article. What I have noticed however is that the graphics do tend to look slightly different across browsers. Sometimes you want to see the state of the browser prior to DOM altercation. May I have a go at it?

Using SVG CSS-Tricks

Handy tutorial! You can also use javascript inside svg and filters are quite well supported in browsers ; sometimes in a better way than illustrator or inkscape.

I have googled this for a solution until my fingers are bleeding but cannot find one anywhere — is there one? Is there a way around this?? Quite the contrary, if someone was not happy with in-browser mining, I wanted to hear him shout, not whisper. Facebook sticks to the Open Graph specifications and adds a few more requirements, for example regarding the image dimensions.

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In Firefox, SVG used as a css background-img is bitmapped at its original designed dimensions, before it is scaled up or down. The Open Graph images are actually so small that Facebook ignores them and rather picks images right from the shared pages.

And it should work just fine. The navbar remains horizontal with typical dropdowns until the window resizes smaller. In the end, the tested sites are not guaranteed to be the most relevant, but the outcome should be good enough. Will have other issues like cache I guess but seems to work.

Chances are that you also want a little more.

20 Useful CSS Snippets for Responsive Menus

Permalink to comment November 13, Notice we set the background-size to the size of the logo element. One way to handle fallbacks for this type of SVG is: But folks were used to it.

In the first case, the touch icon for iOS can do the trick. Here Android enforces round icons.