Discharge or Regenerative Discharge

But i lost a lipo during one crash and the AXN nose was split open. One arrived on the 13th. I've never lost a package till date. Any idea how long it would take for it to reach him? Discharge or Regenerative Discharge.

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If they feel, they will levy duties, but will not hold your parcels unnecessarily for documentation etc That interface is the most common complaint for this unit.

Try to understand what people told you bcoz they h've generalized this problm. When ordering from HK, there is a customs declaration drop down. RC Pro Shop. SunLikeStar on May 13, , If you all remember, I have ordered two parcels on HK on 19th Oct.

Hi does anyone here knows how to buy from hobbyking through western union, and also is there any trouble bringing it through cochin airport? Your parcel is way too heavy for you to feel happy.. Again Sandeep Sir, i am really sorry if you think i have posted anything meaningless. My guess is you needed this motor for a parkflyer, Am i right: So they are starting franchise stores! And their charges for shipping Is this an indication of being detained?

So I am not sure. SunLikeStar on March 29, , New 20pcs 2. Yes indeed. Oscars Tower Hobbies, Heli Direct and other genuine Hobby Shop in the West always tuck the invoice in a plastic envelop with the package and all the Tower Orders have never created a problem for me.

But confirm that does it supports for international transactions. Let me help you with some searching: It has Visa written on it with a world map: Albert Kim Great overview!

Discharge or Regenerative Discharge - R/C Tech Forums

Not Asking you guys what to do coz learnt to read older before posting something. I haven't tried tat option.. Skyline Toy's Store.

HobbyKing 30 min Snap Sale. Thank you for your understanding.

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It means ur parcel has been sent to the post office. Going out of topic It is at Mumbai customs. I have even kept all my glow stuff with me although i am pretty sure i'm not going back, but who knows: Nothing to worry. You are right.