Review: Glock 19 Gen 4 – After 80,000 Rounds

Copyright Complaints: Mudshark , Jul 17, Stephen O'Brien on February 27, at 3: I continue to shoot my original G19 and currently have 58, rounds through it. Avoid ALL gun show reloaded ammo. It should be an electronic, push button combination lock, not a key. Aside from the RMR mounted on the slide, the most notable feature of this pistol is the unique slide serrations.

Andy Rutledge on August 10, at 5: I find the G19 to be a joy to shoot.

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That takes care of the who and why; let's get down to the what. I have read of it before and have to believe that either a something else was a factor or b that was an early issue that Glock fixed quickly.

You might die, then, too. Last edited: The ATOM slide comes in stripped form, sans internals, barrel, recoil spring assembly, etc. Rick Zerr on March 23, at Screws with a larger diameter and a finer thread pitch are utilized and do not require thread locker, unlike the screws Trijicon provides.

Stephen O'Brien on February 26, at 2: Previous Previous post: The addition of the KKM barrel also allows the owner to practice with lead projectiles without fear of damaging the factory Glock polygonal barrel. So what 9mm brands do you guys recommend?

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They had 12 different brands of 9mm ammo and I didn't recognize any of it. XXX" where the X's are sets of numbers. You should be the only one to determine if a particular ammo is good for your specific gun. Try to clean your guns after every trip to the range. I find the Glock 19 to be the perfect pistol: Kentguy , Jul 17, I use my first Glock or first handgun ever yesterday 23rd of December before that it was a 22 rifle when I was with Cadets 32 years ago.

Great validation for a fantastic handgun!

Unity Tactical's own suppressor-height iron sights are included and present a very sharp, uncluttered sight picture and allow co-witnessing of most optics. The tried-and-true lessons learned and detailed practical advice you offer is most appreciated by this new Glock 19 owner and novice shooter. Search Media New Media. Also are there any good 9mm brands or types for self-defense? This Glock operates almost the same way, except for the obvious differences between how you load and cock a pistol versus a revolver.

If you plan to use your G19 for purely static marksmanship competition, there are plenty of aftermarket options for match-grade barrels. Ammunition Store offers a large variety of pistol ammo , rifle ammo , shotgun ammo , and other bulk ammo. They are prompt and the ammo comes in a plain brown box delivered to your door.

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