Planners seek stricter home definition

Under the town code, a family is defined to include those related by blood, marriage or adoption, or not more than 4 unrelated individuals living in a stable, non-transient household. The OHRC's comments are based on its expertise as a human rights body with a broad mandate to protect and promote human rights consistent with international prinCiples.

Skip to main content Skip to global navigation Skip to footer. On the other hand, rules designed to preserve the family character of a neighborhood, keyed to the composition of household rather than on the total number of occupants living quarters can contain, do not qualify for the exemption. Finally Signal Oil did not involve a citation for contempt.

Word usage - Unless the context otherwise indicates, the following definitions shall be used in the interpretation and construction of this chapter.

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Connect Facebook Twitter Instagram. The practical approach to the subject, therefore, is by classification rather than definition; i. Which term? Stoops, steps, terraces and balconies projecting not more than 60 inches from a building shall not be construed as part of the building unless such projections are roofed. Preliminarily we must note that the decisions are somewhat disappointing because each turns upon a definition that is far more complete than Atherton's.

As we shall point out, we do not think the ordinance can be stretched to apply to the challenged occupancy.

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Such family use, again, would, and must be, a single and common use of the premises. Oxford House , U. A "porch" or "portico" shall be defined as an outdoor roofed space attached to a structure without screens, walls or windows rails are allowed. Superior Court 16 Cal. Bell , and section 35 2 of the Planning Act , zoning by-laws are deemed invalid if their purpose is to regulate the user, as opposed to the use of the land.

City council approves new definition of ‘single housekeeping unit’ TCU

Assigned by Chairman of Judicial Council. The ordinance provides an opportunity for applicants to convince the Zoning Administrator that the group is the functional equivalent of a traditional family.

To meet these goals, the proposal recommends varying housing types, including purpose-built student housing, townhouses, lodging houses in certain areas in the short term, apartments and more on-campus student housing. The court found petitioner in contempt of court for wilful disobedience of the permanent injunction in permitting two individuals, neither members of the same single family nor related to each other in any way, jointly to use and occupy the premises.

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However, it also creates opportunities to develop affordable housing, establish other amenities, and foster an inclusive community where everyone feels able to contribute. Solid fencing may be substituted to meet only part of the requirement and must be supplemented with planting to soften the appearance. Generally, they first examine the goal sought to be achieved to see if it furthers a legitimate governmental objective. Atherton claimed that the premises were being used other than as a single family dwelling, the only use permitted under the zoning regulations.