Laboratory biosafety manual

Health Topics. Know the potential biohazard of the etiologic agent or material to be used in the BSC. The disinfectant should be kept readily available in the use-dilution. All autoclaves should bear a sign indicating the maximum permissible pressures and last date of certification. The autoclave bag should be removed from the box, decontaminated in the autoclave and discarded into the red bag lined biohazard box.

All autoclaves should be certified for operating efficiency by the frequent use of biological indicator controls. Infect Control. This page contains enriched content visible when JavaScript is enabled or by clicking here. Notify the responsible investigator or supervisor in case of an accident, injury, exposure, or illness.

WHO Laboratory Biosafety Manual - Third Edition

Shipment of biohazardous materials, within the U. Recovering paper towels can only be accomplished by decontamination and disassembly of the cabinet by an authorized service technician. Personnel should wear proper personal protective equipment, ie. Swab the site of injection with an appropriate antiseptic before and after injection of an animal. Central house systems are not recommended. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Share Facebook. World Health Organization. CDC Azides should not be used as a bacteriostatic agent because they may form heavy metal azides.

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Laboratory Biosafety Manual

Orders usually ship within 2 business days. Ventilated cabinets may be certified as often as required. Next page unmarked 3. Studies have shown that a simple procedure such as removing a tube cap or transferring an inoculum can create a potentially hazardous aerosol.

The HEPA filter is positioned within the cabinets' ducting.

The supply HEPA filter provides particle-free vertical laminar airflow over the work surface, which protects the product from contamination. Citation World Health Organization.

A heat-sealed flexible plastic film enclosure for a grinder or blender can be used, but it must be opened in a biological safety cabinet.

It is generally accepted that such equipment is most effective if the potential hazard is enclosed at the source i. Sharps must never be placed directly into plastic trash bags.

Laboratory Biosafety Manual - Third Edition

All materials, especially infectious or toxic materials stored in refrigerators or freezers, should be labeled with their scientific name, date stored, and name of the individual storing the material. A three to four inch strip of autoclave tape placed on the outside of the autoclave pan, bag, or individual container is sufficient. Understanding the Human Body. All exposed UV installations in lighting fixtures and safety cabinets shall be turned on only when no personnel are in the area. When requested by the Biosafety Officer.