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This comprehensive document will provide an in-depth look at your business through growth rates, SWOT analyses, product overviews, organizational charts, and financial statements. Preferred Address Business Home. Reset or Activate Account.

Early access to potential high growth companies Manager specialised in the Microcap and Smallcap asset classes for over 10 years Manager with solid track record of succesful investments In-house research expertise and capability Value investing philosophy Bottom-up investment research based experience Performance based incentive for the Manager Distributions may carry imputation tax credits Stocks generally held for longer than 12 months thus delivering CGT benefits to Unit holder.

You can find great examples of pitch decks on SlideShare. Business Implications and Opportunities self-paced online Leadership and the Lens: Step 1 of 3: Please try again. It answers basic questions like how big the market is, why they should invest in you, and why they should do so now. You can also learn more about entrepreneurship and the entire venture creation process in the week-long Entrepreneurship Development Program January , Investment Approach Value driven approach Investee companies must be highly undervalued, profitable and meet a very demanding investment criteria.

Microequities Asset Management Deep Value Fund

Select One Cdr. In the best-case scenario, not only have you secured funding to fuel your future growth, you have also created a compelling case for why your business is poised to achieve great success. Request info pack.

For wholesale investors looking for long term capital growth. Deep Value Fund. Privacy Policy. Major Miss Mr. A One-Pager Company Profile This is your executive summary in an easy-to-digest document, a graphically designed PDF, that gives potential investors their first impression of your company. Rate the applicability of the strategies, tools and frameworks in relation to your job or industry.

How to attract an investment in your startup with four documents MIT Sloan Executive Education

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Interested in investing with us? Next, highlight the market problem and drive home the solution that you offer. There has been an error. Request an Info Pack Interested in investing with us? Level of Responsibility: Achieving Operational Excellence Through People: A Pitch Deck The pitch deck is your opportunity to personally address the investment committee.