How To Configure Your Router for Gaming

Both can play in games on Xbox Live with but cannot join each other's hosted parties. Thank you We appreciate your feedback. Recent Reviews.

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If there's anything else more specific please let me know.. Havic Nov 17, at I am more than willing to buy a new router but its quite hard finding a ADSL router on the Xbox live compatible list. To test the connection:. The information is confusing or hard to understand.

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Toggle navigation. Tim Jan 9, at I've been able to get all 3 online at the same time but all 3 NAT's are moderate. Step 3: Now for the interesting part, I left the settings id altered in the 'single port forwarding' list so effectively its opening xbox live ports 88, TCP and UDP to a manual made up IP address that doesnt even exist on the network and is outside of the DHCP servers range.

If I change my Local Area Connection to reflect an automatically assigned configuration, the connection to Xbox Live does not work. Rican - May 13, at If you can help it would be great!

Xbox Live Port Forwarding Information (TCP & UDP)

Similar to many of you, I've had nothing but headaches when trying to play with my roommate at our college house. The Latest News. Made sure my subnet Mask and the other setting matched my router. Was this article helpful? If you do receive a reply then that IP address is in use and you will have to try a different one.

Is this the same basic principal or a bandwidth issue? No problem I'm currently upgrading my Firmware. Step 1: