Gimbal Bearing Puller, Installer and Two Piece Alignment Tool Set

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. If they sound good when the drives are off I'll leave them on my shelf and just change the bellows. Cover Finder new! So the gimbal bearing aint broke, but you want to fix it anyways? You're reviewing: The exhaust bellows is round, and the flange is oval, so that is why there is a special tool. Just so we are clear on what is actually broken can you identify which part in the following list is cracked?

Bravo one gimbal bearing installation

We do not include the seal as most people don't replace it. Hi everyone- So I'm getting ready to do a full bellows job on my alpha gen2 drive. This however is only needed on the non newer B1 gimble housings, as they already will accept any bravo including the xr.. Should I leave gimbals alone?

Ron, We like questions, so thanks for the post. Jamie, I suppose it comes down to what is considered required and what your level of comfort is regarding wear parts that can cause catastrophic failure.

I'm unsure about how to handle the gimbal bearing.

Also both anodes on the gen 1 are on the lower so it would make sense to me that the top washer would not do any good unless the bottom one by the shift shaft was also in place. My drive guy says the ZR bearing is worth the extra few bucks. I say this because they will literally have their hands on each one of these items in order to gain access to the gimble bearing.

I guess I will give it a shot, I know how to replace them now so the future ones have got to go smoother. The UJ bellows was still in tact, and the boat was in a driveway for two years prior to my purchase- so perhaps the bearing just kind of dried out?

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About Us Contact Us. Advanced Search. Mine are greaseable. Send a private message to MikeDobbs. PLUS labor. Tech Support. A ball-peen hammer isn't the only tool you need to remove a Mercruiser gimbal bearing. Remove the cotter pin on the starboard side of the gimbal ring, remove the lower swivel pin on the face of the gimbal ring and remove the washer found behind the swivel pin.

Advanced Search. The meter says hours though So, the broom handle thing- there's really that much room for error?