Old Pete. But it does surround the vents, making it look overdone. I do remember the 67 quite well. Since buying a few cars from the local buy here pay here lot, I have become friends with a lot of the folks that work there and those who frequent them. Has had batteries in 10 years but these tend to go regularly where we live in the South on other cars.

Curbside Classic: Impala Sport Coupe – Six Cylinder Three-On-The-Tree Oxymoron

I have no problem with the steering wheel and the radio and surround being used on another, unrelated product. It was quiet, rode well, was hitting 90 before he was aware of it on a trip to Logan UT to visit my niece. After hearing how the s were hot rods with the 3. Taking this picture, I was on the verge of having muscle cramps near my hip as I was swinging my leg so wide. If I had to rate the Chevrolets it would be in this order: With all the people who will drive any given unit, with all shapes and sizes in the vast butt spectrum being represented, these will go out the door with nearly new looking seats.

John C. A nice old Chevy. Posted April 30, at 3: To further my purge of secrets, I must also confess to not having driven any Impala in about a year. Posted April 26, at 7: The current fleet car has always been a bit too bland, but otherwise the modern Impala has had few vices and many merits. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. And how did it come to be so well preserved? Will I ever bitch about consoles again?

I always find it interesting when, in articles like this, the inevitable mention of a four speed floor mounted shifter with a V-8 comes up. But lacking a console reminded her of the Rambler Ambassador her father had foisted upon her she wanted a Beetle and getting one with a shifter required the DTS and several thousand more dollars. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Posted April 27, at 6: Nobody but the most jaded hot-rodded who probably rolled his own would want a full sized car equipped in that manner.

Posted April 26, at 3: