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The only light was coming from candles that were lit on small altars crammed with some symbolic objects. If you looked for it, you would see it in the drawings by Netherlandish masters, in French gardens, in the creations of the Russian avant-garde.

In our discussions, there were recurring questions about the limits of rationality and the status of up to date knowledge. It can be heard when our mind drowses in darkness, when demons are awake.

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Any suspects? The aspect of colonialism is important, too. Its mechanical character makes it different from interactive multime- 29th August, from 9. That being so, if we would like to start the flywheel of the manner of thinking suggested above, we need to check this urban muddle for everything that is essential, proper and lofty, and separate it from that which is accidental, pathological and lowbrow.

This goal has been achieved only recently.


Mateusz Hajman was born in Transformation Two In , after the Polish-German border was finally established in the aftermath of the First World War, the stylistic perspective of newly raised buildings became changed, too.

This purely cognitive aspect of photography has been its allure from the very beginning. And because we have always rebelled against the limitations of our own nature, we also rebel against night as time for resignation and respite. Neither does it relate to infrastructure or space.

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The subjects resemble living sculptures who enact an imposed sequence of movements. It might have always been here. Unable to fall asleep, we roam the city streets at night, like some nocturnal animals in search of new sensations.

Autorka kilku wystaw indywidualnych: Thus, his tale progresses at its own pace, gathering smaller stories on the way.

For me, assembling a collection of pot plants is an interesting form of taming austere urban space. The increasing conflicts increased in intensity after the outbreak of the Second World War. Looking at their pictures now, they seem happy, their reaction seems to be genuinely positive, not feigned.

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This is this eternal night. In all his works they are presented as involved in an ongoing process, linked through an intricate network of relations. To tajemnica. Buffalo, NY: View of the bridge of the Holy Angel in the early morning and the dramatic sky.

The textual layer: When they climbed these steps for the first time, they did not mind them at all, for the obvious reason that it was fifty years ago. They are unverifiable, there is no way to prove their credibility.

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Although initially he treated it with reserve, he soon found. This policy can be exemplified by the fate of Paul Sallmann, who was engaged in preparing urban greenery development plans from His figure was in constant motion, if there had been less light, he would have melted into darkness. Mateusz Hajman tends to take his pictures indoors.

The toad that was swimming in spirit. Night has been chased away to villages. Katowice-settled Jews stood out for their unusual activity in the public sphere, especially that it extended beyond the local context. Their victims had the impression that something heavy rested on them; Marian Grzegorz Gerlich, Strachy.

Transfer of the centre — under the banner of a white eagle The situation of Katowice became dramatically complicated in the aftermath of the decision to incorporate it into Poland in