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Their values of hospitality, contemplation and service continue to inspire communities today. Local Melbourne designers also engaged students in a VCAA seminar by explaining the requirements of their folio. Monday 27 April Venue: In Term 1, the girls tackled issues around leadership and management. Tuesday 16 June Venue: Eliza Brozgul. Rebecca Johnson Winkie Singers College of technology , Galle. The Butterfly Foundation discussed body image and how to keep a positive mindset.

Caitlin Pearce Green House Captain: At Mater Christi College I have lots of fun and friends. Science Growing Tall Poppies: Pippa Chisholm Munchkin They took astronaut training; measured blood pressure, eyesight, and even urine tests before donning space suits to experience The Mars simulation surface. Bridget Ardley Orange House Captain: Students choose where they feel comfortable learning, be it the tables, the couches, the learning booths, in a small groups or on their own. Lisa McLean.

The success of many of the Arts events has made us feel very lucky to have been Arts Captains. Music Camp, held in June, was again a huge success with 60 girls enjoying three days of music related activities.

Others With a Similar Name. We participated in 23 sports over the year and at every event our girls showed great commitment, determination and most importantly great sportsmanship. Together we learnt a lot of new phrases and expressions in the target language.

Within the program students also worked on group projects raising awareness and funds for Caritas in its efforts to support people affect by the earthquake in Nepal. Attending Top Designs at Melbourne Museum was also inspiring for the students, particularly seeing the work of former student, Samantha Ireland Year 12 , on display. It reflected the spirit of understanding, caring and sharing of our school community.

Paige Whitworth Best Athlete: The year began with a focus on preparation for Year 12 with study skills sessions and a motivational presentation for parents, teachers and students. There are a number of student leadership groups across the College. The VET Chinese course has proved successful since its implementation last year. We had many fun activities and it has been great to have a Pastoral Group teacher who looked after us. Justine Edwards. Best dressed award went to Ruby Rawlings in a beautiful blue number.

Box Hill Coaches: Rebecca Dingjan — Year I invite you as reader to look for yourself and know that you too will realise the great excitement that is ever present for all who work in partnership to form young people for their futures.