My Blackhearted Repair. 

Had this chenille sweater:

Thick, heavy, soft, oversized. Wore it all the time. Loved it. The neck was always a little too tight. I ignored that. Until I broke the seam at the too-tight-neck, from forcing it over my head. 

I patched the holes, two of them by the time I got around to it, with leather stars. 

Patching fixed the holes, but made the neckline even tighter. I kept on ignoring that, until getting into and out of the sweater became something I dreaded, plus I ripped a hole in the body. 

I abandoned the sweater into my bag of sweater scraps. A bag of sweater scraps is nice to have around for when you need ribbing. Or for nothing. So far most of my sweater scraps just sit there doing nothing. 

This sweater stayed in there for a few years. I got it out a couple times with ideas for fixes, like, “oh I know, a zipper up the front!” And then, “nope, chenille totally threadbare across the front, won’t support a zipper without some kinda engineering, forget that.” 

But this winter it has been cold so I fixed it for real:

For the too-tight-neck: I stitched a twill tape along a new neckline, removed the old turtleneck, overlocked the twill and sweater together for stability, then made a binding using the top 1 1/2 inches of the turtleneck. 

For the rip: patched it from the inside with fusible interfacing, made a heart from a scrap of suede with stitch-witchery fused on the back, pressed it on the face, zig-zagged around the edge, securing both the heart and the interfacing. 

For the threadbare spots: made more hearts, applied them as needed. 

So it wouldn’t look too weird: added a couple more hearts.  

Welcome back, sweater.