50 Facial Expressions and How to Draw Them

Thanks again! Never forget your high-light, for it adds life and interest to a drawing. There are a variety of different thicknesses of eyebrows. This form of sadness is more subdued.

When our faces show surprise, the brows are raised straight up and arched. The inner corners of the eyebrows are raised and may be drawn together. If you would like permission to post more than an excerpt, the entire chart, or the PDF download, please contact me explaining your circumstances and to ask for permission. Difference at this stage: The fronts of the cheeks are raised and puffed, producing wrinkles under the lower eyelid. I could have spent a month on this.

Are you tired of copying other people's drawings? Learn how to draw the shape of eyes and how to capture people's emotions and expressions by just drawing eyes. When drawing the different facial expressions, you can control the intensity of the emotion shown by the number of facial areas that are involved.

Get My Free Ebook. Have a mirror nearby. You must also credit me and refer to this link. How to draw a face: I initially create a triangle with a diamond shape for the tip of the nose. I was shocked to see how bad my first quick attempt I wanted to guage myself was! To determine where the line of vision would run, imagine a line drawn from the eye to the spot desired.

Austin R. Learning can be both frustrating and rewarding but more the latter if taken with patience and an open mind.

If you have any doubts or questions about these guidelines, please contact me before using any part of this post or the corresponding PDF. I will go check it out right now. When we express happiness, the corners of the mouth are pulled up, out and back. Once you know the basics, the rest of the drawing is just practice. The eyes will also widen with the lower lid tensing.

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Curving the lower eyelid can indicate stress, sorrow, or anger; in this case, the shape of the eyebrows shows us that it is sorrow. The most important is the line that defines the upper lip and thus defines the smile, frown, or whatever you decide to draw.

Male faces tend to be more angular — although this isn't a hard and fast rule.

This was so kind of you to share. On the right side of the oval, indent the oval a bit at the eye socket. Take a moment and look at what you've drawn. The upper eyelids are raised in more intense versions of surprise, and the white above the iris shows. Note that opening diagram, left is just wide enough for pupil.

Instead of simply drawing a happy person, draw one that is ecstatic; instead of drawing an angry person, draw a furious one.

If you find that you're getting frustrated, take a break. I will share with you what I learned in this post.