Venison Too Tough? Here’s How to Cook Venison

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How to Tenderize Venison and Deer Meat Venison HQ

Receive TWO popular eCookbooks, when you subscribe via email! Got it. Hi Jen — I prefer my potatoes firm too. Subscribe to Comments. Once it has been aged, package the cuts of meat in a double wrap of butcher paper or vacuum sealed bags, then label and date the packages.

I cooked this tonight-first try with an Instant Pot. It can be a little potent, but fantastic when prepared correctly.

The Best Ways to Cook Every Cut of Venison

The Elegant Eggplant — posted November 10, at 3: Leave a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Stir your cooked vegetables into your bowl of meat and spread it on top of the mashed potatoes to make the second layer. Venison does have a distinct flavor, just as grass-fed beef has a distinct flavor, and this must not be confused with gaminess.

Gordon Hamilton — posted November 10, at 8: Thanks for posting your recipe and the pics! Jen Orton — January 6, 3: Forgot your password? Barbara Schieving — May 11, 4: It's important to use cooking methods that add juiciness and flavor.

Deer shanks have become my favorite part of the animal. The longer you cook red deer, the more it is likely to become dry. At degrees the meat starts to dry out, due to the lack of fat. And I love it in stew also!

Thankful for your recipe but can you tell me if you quick release pressure or allow it to naturally release? Venison is not corn-fed beef. I made this using beef short ribs and venison steak and it was amazing. You must go out and hunt it yourself. Never thought about doing a bourguignon. Russell van Kraayenburg — posted November 10, at 7: