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Quesada, T. Boden, R. Rebecca J. Loh, L. But we three learnt a lot and now we hope that we can attack again next year and maybe make it onto the podium. Gloor, J. Law, Cara C. However, OM decomposability cannot be generalized solely based on the stratigraphic position.

Langenfelds, Paul B.

Francey, R. Domingues, and C. Deutscher, Lucas G. Kotsyurbenko, Shamil S. Maksyutov, M. These living data are updated every year to provide the highest transparency and traceability in the reporting of CO 2 , the key driver of climate change. The spatial and temporal hierarchies of the emergence of these drivers are considered, using concepts of both time of emergence ToE and confidence intervals. N 2 O is produced by microbes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The track was treacherous in the rain — greasy and slippery — like driving on ice.

We showed that our design allowed the continuous high-frequency measurement of the three gases in a tropical biome and provide recommendations for its implementation.

Williams, and R.

Canadell, P. Our findings suggest that P limitation could be one important reason for large greenhouse gas emissions reported in the subtropical forests receiving excessive N input.

Canadell, S.

Daiki Nomura, Mats A. Bradley O. Paul Steele, Simon A. Wiedemann, Lucas K. Vollmer, Ray H. Parmentier, Mikhail Mastepanov, and Torben R. Broll, J. Nepstad, D. The microbes using methane were present in abundances Hide. Ivy, Ronald G. Bach, W.

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The ice-core record shows a stabilisation of atmospheric CO 2 in the s, despite continued emissions from fossil fuel burning and land-use change LUC. Tarnocai, G. Ammann, C. Finch, Martin W. Also, the peat soil sequestered C.