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From Kogama Wiki. From there on, you're free to pick the model size. They introduced customizable avatars, with bone animations!

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Retrieved from " https: Retrieved from " https: This page was last edited on 19 October , at I remember one of the developers posting this on here. Show your creativity and build something unique!

You can build everything! Shows you exactly what KoGaMa is all about!

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Cancel Save. Views View View source History. Everytime someone buys your model, you'll be given the amount of silver you sold it for: Be as creative as possible! Once you've created your model in-game, right click on it and click "Add to inventory". Pre-Made Avatars are avatars made by the developers.

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This article is a stub. So show your creativity and have fun in building! You can choose between 5 pre-made avatars when you register on KoGaMa, and if you want to buy a new avatar that you can also sell later, then you have to buy a new pre-made avatar in the KoGaMa Avatar Editor.

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About Kogama Wiki Disclaimers Mobile view. Don't worry at first I found it to be extremely confusing, you just need to get used to the idea. Can't play with wasd on an azerty keyboard.

Make sure that this what you're creating doesn't break any of the rules. This looks rather fun, gonna try it out tomorrow. Its a nice game even though it is still in alpha stage.

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Avatars you can choose one of when you register on KoGaMa: Vehicles — This is not only ground vehicles. Stubs Kogama Wiki. I'll send a link to their official youtube channel once I get home. You can also press N to do that. This actually looks like a ton of fun!