How Cat Litter is Made: The Truth Might Surprise You

Feedback from cat owners is also important to manufacturers, who usually provide toll-free telephone numbers on the products' packaging. Reviews on this point are more mixed.

6 Best Dust Free Cat Litters Low Dust Clumping Litter Reviews

On top of that, it lasts a pretty long time: Some brands are even biodegradable and flushable, making it a more eco-friendly option than clay litter. Many are constructed out of plastic and feature a plastic hood or dome that covers the litter pan and litter.

Even if you love the idea of crystal litter, Oscar may refuse to use it. Regardless of which type of litter you use, cat feces should never be flushed down the toilet because of risk of bacterial contamination and potential clogging of pipes. We were extremely happy with the quality of this cat litter, and it really is hard to argue with the value for money it provides. They serve to soak up liquids and dehydrate waste, making it much easier to clean up. If you're looking to eliminate nasty litter smells, you needn't look further than a bag of Ever Clean Extra Strength and a few simple tricks that keep things fresh.

CatSpot litter: All-natural, organic, biodegradable coconut litter – CatSpot Litter

Quiz - Inappropriate Urination in Cats. What are you looking for? We think top entry litter boxes are an ingenious solution to avoid litter tracking, and surprisingly found that our cat even enjoyed using one more. This is great for cats that are sensitive to fragrances and certain chemicals often used in clumping cat litters.

Open litter pans allow for maximum ventilation which may increase cat comfort. Invest Money Explore. Once it reaches maximum absorbency, the crystal litter no longer holds urine, which may collect at the bottom of the litter box. Clumping cat litter is probably the most commonly sought after type of litter, but do you know the full list of benefits and what to look for?

How Cat Litter is Made: The Truth Might Surprise You

The result is a giant hole in the ground that needs to be filled and then returned to something resembling a natural state. Organic, biodegradable coconut litter that makes a difference. Always bag the cat poop and litter in a plastic bag and toss out with your trash. Buying in litter in larger quantities is usually the best way to get cheap cat litter. However, some complain that while it controls urine odor well, it does little or nothing to cover up the smell of poop.

The leading brand of wheat cat litter is Swheat Scoop.

Our litter is made from 100% Coconut. That’s it.

Comparison If crystal litter is a bit out of your budget, alternatives abound. No cat likes dusty paws and it can put some off using their litter box.

The Clumping Clay Controversy".