Wind Chill Chart for Winter Cyclists and Ice Bikers

Police Acronyms. Google use cookies for serving our ads and handling visitor statistics. As the wind increases, the body cools at a faster rate, causing a drop in skin temperature and eventually the internal body temperature.

Wind Chill Calculator

These applications will - due to browser restrictions - send data between your browser and our server. As the air temperature falls, the chilling effect of any wind that is present increases.

Share Pin Email. If you do have to venture outdoors, you should wear at least four layers of clothing including thermal underwear and a down-filled coat as well as boot and glove warmers.

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That model has evolved over time. Does this mean you could get frostbite at 40?

Our Privacy Policy. Commonly Confused Words. For wind speeds under 5 miles per hour, there is no significant wind chill factor and for wind speeds above 45 miles per hour the wind has no further appreciable effect.

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Wind Chill Calculator

Daniel Fahrenheit, degrees Fahrenheit are used to record surface temperature measurements by meteorologists in the United States. USA Today of all places had a fairly good write up on this subject. Read More. Modify access date. Heat transfer was calculated for a bare face in wind, facing the wind, while walking into it at 1. Retrieved 14 January The risk of hypothermia from being inadequately clothed also depends on the wind-chill temperature.

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Exposed flesh will freeze within 30 seconds. So when going outdoors when wind chill temperatures are low, it is imperative that you dress in multiple layers of warm clothing, wear a warm hat, keep dry at all times, and try to stay out of the wind. BBC Weather, Understanding weather.

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December 13, at How do news weather persons know that when there is a 10mph wind with a temperature of 5 degrees F that the real temperature we feel is degrees F?

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Warroad, Minnesota. The end result is a Wind Chill Temperature Index that is more accurate, understandable and useful in determining the dangers from wind coupled with cold temperatures. The so-called Windchill Index provided a pretty good indication of the severity of the weather. Both temperature and wind cause heat loss from body surfaces.