Chief Illiniwek will no longer perform at University of Illinois events. How do you not know your own damn child? How far are you willing to go for a date?

NRG Stadium

Dateline, Houston. Twins In a heart-warming comedy, two unlikely governors meet and embark on a road trip in search of their long-lost mother. I came out of the kitchen and started walking toward my table, tray in one hand and the tray jack in the other. Is Wal-Mart playing nicey-nice? Even the best children get tired, fussy, and cannot control themselves. The Chicago Center for Green Technology is making an expert available for five hours on 3 March to answer your questions about getting funding, choosing appropriate technologies, and which step comes first for school building and renovation projects.

That one doesn't quite work anymore.

Pappasito's Cantina - NRG Stadium

They shouldn't even been in the establishment. If they don't learn how to behave as children, how do you expect them to know how to behave as adults? You should have cancelled the dinner until your friend could get a sitter.

I just want to tell you. Get a Life People. While You're In the Pedway It's only February, but the Daily Southtown has already given cause for celebration or is that panic? As a parent, you can take the baby to the restroom until they settle down.

February 2007

She had her three children in the car. Bonus document: It's because vegans are retard3d, they can't tell a baby's cry from their green sh! The entry from local architecture and design firm UrbanLab won! Because that is what kids do sometimes, believe it or not — cry.

They shudder when the media shines a spotlight on establishments that go that route; the controversy gives parents a bad name. You Uppity people make me sick. That is if they decide to take the kids out in the first place. Wanna win? An Aurora man was caught on home video Sunday picking up his son's year-old wrestling opponent and tossing the kid out of the ring, before charging the cameraman—the kid's father.