Also linked with Loni Anderson. Breast implants. Douglas, Michael. Cates, Phoebe. Out; would make a great president. Driver, Minnie.

Called 'the Human Ashtray' because he would ask men in leather bars to put out their cigarettes on his bare chest. Curtis, Jamie Lee. My parents did not know the woman. Archer, Anne.

Kylie Bearse biography,personal life, career, net worth

Reportedly nice in her dotage but vicious to social outsiders as a college girl. Buono, Victor. Once upon a time was quite the party girl. Is also a shoe fetishist. Former wife of Paul Simon.

Unpleasant woman. Best friends with Ben Affleck, and possibly more. Delaney, Kim. Curtis, Tony. Crowe, Russell. Repugnant, contemptible man. Recovering drunk.

Kylie Bearse

As down to earth as can possibly be expected. Arquette, Patricia. Today boys are not admiring girls for their beauty because they are more focussed on planning how to get a "blow job" from them no matter what it takes.

One of the good Gabor sisters. Beat Darryl Hannah while he was involved with her. Racist, gay, bi-polar pothead quite a combination, that. Dunst, Kirsten.

The less you knew her, the better you liked her. Reportedly a good person. FOD married to beard. Either "bitchy" and "imperious" or simply too take-charge and aggressive for fragile egos. Linked to Eva Gabor. Baldwin, Stephen. Deadbeat dad.