‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Easter Eggs Guide

After this, players were still able to access North Yankton by using a slight variation of the original glitch, but this was patched once again in 1.

Crazy Grand Theft Auto Easter Eggs And Myths You HAVE To See

Get out of the car and you should be able to see a frozen alien under the ice. Grand theft Auto V HD. Step through the door and you should see a ladder that you can climb. These might also interest you: Trevor is forced to fend off the approaching police himself, and runs away from some armed pursuing locals. Michael had followed to stop Trevor discovering the truth while the Triads had followed to kill Trevor, after he destroyed their suppliers drug laboratory.

San Andreas. Evan Fong from Canada born July 31, better known by his alias,VanossGaming, or simply Vanoss, is a comedy style video game commentator.

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Cryptic Myths. Namespaces Article Discussion. A fresh take on sports: This myth is highly unlikely, as there are almost no credible sources about the creature, no consistent depictions, and with the area being mostly non-solid and unfinished, along with being extremely hard to get to, this myth will most likely never be proven.

Via gta-myths. North Yankton State Patrol. Rockstar bent the image of it so it tracks with your eyes as you move by the window, but blow through the wall as he does and it turns out to just be a flat texture in an empty room. Embed the video Alien in North Yankton! We would appreciate your support by buying us Rockstar has taken the player there to set the scene and lay out some backstory, not to watch them then go off to the far side of town and break some shit.

Sometimes what a game lacks, or at least appears to, can be as important in crafting a narrative mood as anything else. It can be found off the Paleto Bay coast and from the looks of it, the spacecraft crash-landed a long time ago since it is covered in corals and all sorts of other sea plants. Here you will come across a case with some cocaine and a chainsaw.

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Frozen Alien Grand Theft Auto V Easter Eggs - Eggabase

By the town has three churches, three liquor stores, three Ammu-Nations , a school and a library. At the current moment, the only goal is the convert the map first. Ludendorff is a rural Canadian border town in the Midwestern state of North Yankton. A way to access the town after the patch has yet to be found.

PC modders are on a quest to crack GTA V fully open wide, and one crafty creation lets you traverse some of the previously unexplorable options. Also, there is already a proven Easter egg in the area, the alien trapped in ice , so another myth wouldn't be a far stretch.